Alcatel Idol 4 Pro USB Driver for Windows

Alcatel Idol 4 Pro USB Driver for Windows is available for download in this page. You need the driver only if you are developing on PC Windows/Mac and want to connect a Alcatel Idol 4 Pro android device to your development environment over USB.

Download Alcatel Idol 4 Pro USB Driver for Windows

DOWNLOAD🔻 9.2MB ↔ Alcatel Idol 4 Pro Latest USB Driver for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32/64-bit)

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Support and Download

How to Download and Install Alcatel Idol 4 Pro USB Driver for Windows

  1. Download Alcatel Idol 4 Pro USB driver on Windows.
  2. Find the Alcatel Idol 4 Pro Usb driver ( Extract Zip to Exe format file and select to install it.
  3. Select "Run" when a security warning window pop up and continue the operation as instructed.
  4. Alcatel Idol 4 Pro Usb driver Installed successfully.

Alcatel Idol 4 Pro Review

Almost 10 months after it initially introduced in the United States, Alcatel's flagship IDOL FOUR with Windows 10 Mobile is lastly available in European markets under a new name, the IDOL 4 Pro. For the most part, the IDOL 4 Pro is identical to the IDOL FOUR with Windows 10 Mobile, so this review is going to focus on not only the handset however the experience it supplies in 2017.

At EUR480 (₤ 420), this is a device priced in the mid-range with in 2015's high-end specs. Some would state this device is too costly considering you can get virtually the same device in the U.S. for $215. I'm inclined to agree, but considering the only other Windows 10 Mobile flagship offered in Europe right now is the Elite x3 that costs above ₤ 600, this is what you get.

The IDOL 4 Pro is basically identical to the IDOL FOUR with Windows 10 Mobile. There are a couple of little differences, nevertheless, primarily for regional purposes. For example, the IDOL 4 Pro supports different cellular and LTE bands for the EU market as well as doesn't come bundled with a VR headset.

It ends up, Alcatel isn't pushing the VR element of the United States variation in European markets. That's not much of an issue, however, since the addition of VR with the Idol FOUR in the United States was primarily a gimmick. So in the EU, the IDOL 4 Pro comes with a pair of top quality JBL in-ear earphones, a USB-C charging cable, and directions.

Differences on the phone's outside consist of the "IDOL 4S" logo design being changed out for a logo that simply states "IDOL," and that's pretty much it. Whatever else is precisely the same, including the still-somewhat-relevant Snapdragon 820 processor, with 4GB RAM and a 1080p 5.5-inch AMOLED screen. As we kept in mind in our original IDOL 4S review, all those specs are terrific with Windows 10 Mobile.

The phone itself is probably the best-feeling Windows 10 Mobile device to this day. It's all glass with a metal frame, which feels premium in the hands. It's certainly more exceptional sensation than the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL. It's likewise extremely thin. Its thinness, combined with how light it is and the glass products, make this gadget extremely hard to grip in your hand.

It's also quickly harmed. If you drop this device on a hard floor, you will definitely wind up with scuffs, or a broken screen. I hate phone cases, I never use them, but on this gadget, I am, since I've currently dropped it twice with the case on.

The buttons are extremely clicky, which I like. I do not like the positioning of the buttons, nevertheless. The lock button is at the top left of the phone, straight opposite the volume rocker significance you're going to accidentally take screenshots typically. Likewise, the electronic camera button is basically in the middle of best side the phone and isn't really a two-stage button. It works, however it's in an odd location. Not much has actually altered in regards to performance considering that our original IDOL 4S evaluation. Since then, Microsoft has actually introduced the Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update, that includes its own efficiency improvements and other modifications. The issue with that is the IDOL 4 Pro in the EU isn't getting that update yet. This phone comes bundled with the Anniversary Update, not the Creators Update.

This would not be much of an issue if the Creators Update were a ready and waiting upgrade for the IDOL 4 Pro, however it isn't. It's not receiving the Creators Update formally, at least not yet. Now considering the U.S. version of the device supports the Creators Update, this is frustrating. Fortunately, you can still get the Creators Update by signing up with either the Expert Slow or Quick rings, which is exactly what we did for this evaluation. Once on the Creators Update, you can reset the gadget or leave the Expert Program, and your phone will continue to be serviced like regular with production builds for the Creators Update. Our handset is now running 15063.540 with no motorist problems or performance problems, which is fantastic. We simply hope Microsoft and Alcatel work together to get the update presenting officially without the need of the Expert Program.

Windows 10 Mobile itself is a fantastic entertainer on the Snapdragon 820. Continuum is quick, apps open quickly and hardly ever do I come across any lag. I say seldom, since I have actually come across lag while using this phone, but it was just the as soon as.
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